In conjunction with our Forensic Services we offer data and Image retrieval services.

At TFC.NET, our team of Data Forensics' examiners has the tools and resources to help you track down needed Digital Evidence. We can work with your forensic team providing them with the necessary tools and procedures or we can work under your guidance in searching and evidence reconstruction. We provide our clients with a wide variety of services such as data acquisition, data recovery and evidence gathering.

Recovering your lost data is not enough. You need to make sure this will not occur again. To do so, you need to know the causes for the lost of all your precious data. Our experienced investigators work hard to determine the nature, origin and extent of the cause. You will be informed whether the problem was caused by a technical problem or by an intruder or professional hacker. With our help, you will know if it was an insider or outsider attacker. You will also be informed whether the intruder gained access to sensitive information, which could end up in a terrible catastrophe.

Our team of professionals will acquire and analyze the corrupted and lost data and discover the causes for any computer crime. Computer crimes are quite common in large corporation such as banks, and the number of crime cases has been increasing enormously. Avoiding unauthorized access into computer systems and unauthorized key-loggings, extortion of company media, and other crimes is essential. The possibilities of crimes are endless, and gaining awareness of these problems is the first step to avoid future intruders to attack your information, to know the causes for problems and to make sure it will not happen again.

Our methodology of work consists in the use of overt and covert investigative means, the location, interviewing and assessing of witnesses, the acquisition and analysis of e-mails and file types including deleted, encrypted and protected materials, the exhaustive investigation of crime acts, the review of deleted or damaged data, and other procedures that will help you find the answer to all your questions and ensure your personal information is again safe and usable. We have the expertise to access any type of media, restoring all documents and analyzing every clue to find whether there have been any alterations. We review and assess documentary, financial, electronic and technical evidence, bringing about a successful outcome.

TFC.NET Corporation provides services, expert advice and assistance in the field of Computer Forensics and Forensic Cryptography, including the supply and training of cutting edge software investigation tools. We can assist our clients on:

Computer, database, e-mail, electronic document, server, mainframe forensics.

Use of business computers and systems for activities unrelated to company business.

Electronic document discovery including discovery of hidden unauthorized pieces of software or other documents on a company system, e-mail discovery, etc.

Data extraction and analysis from any type of storage devices.

Inappropriate use of computer by employees, including pornography, e-mails, web site history, and more.

Theft and deletion of private data.

Sexual harassment via different forms of electronic communications.

Monitoring of employee computers or other equipment for gathering information.

Cracking of locked files.

Recovery of deleted and stolen files.

Recovery of lost passwords.

Now you can stop worrying about intruders accessing your most private information. We will provide you with the security you need. TFC.NET our experts in Data Recovery and Forensic Services will find the causes of data loss and the way to solve the problems. With our help, you will get back all your precious and confidential information. We recommend never trying to fix the problems on your own unless you know what you are doing –you may cause permanent loss. You will need professional assistance to retrieve and recover your data.