In conjunction with our Forensic Services we offer data and Image retrieval services.

In conjunction with our Forensic Services, TFC.NET offers data and Image retrieval services. We are aware that most businesses and people rely on the information stored on specific electronic media to keep their business going, and that crucial, confidential and sensitive data is at risk if the electronic media in question is corrupted or if any information is lost. Our Recovery Service Plans were designed to ensure you will get back all the data you have lost.

The process of data recovery is based on the retrieval of deleted, corrupted or inaccessible data from any failed electronic media –computers hard drives, removable media, digital camera media cards, firewire drivers, RAIDs, exchange emails, etc. It is of high importance to be aware of the fact that all electronic media are likely to crash sometime. Electrical or mechanical malfunction, computer virus, software problems, and human error are some examples of the possible causes of data loss. For this reason, you need to avoid these problems. The only way is to perform regular backups of your data –we highly recommend our Remote Backup Service.

If you are experiencing any problem related to data loss, do not attempt any recovery actions -you may cause a permanent data loss accidentally. To solve the problems you require professional data recovery assistance. Our Engineers and Computer Network Integrators have the skills, experience and knowledge necessary to help you and to keep you satisfied and tranquil. We guarantee data recovery and media repair. Now you can stop worrying about intruders accessing your most private information. We will provide you with the security you need.

Desktop and laptops computers are generally at more risk than PCs for they are most of the time exposed to different environments that may damage the computer. Many people drop accidentally their desktops or laptop computers into water or on the floor. Many expose them to fire or sand, and all these causes your hard drive to lose data. We understand that these types of computers are necessary tools for many businesses and, for this reason, confidential and important information is stored on them.

Most catastrophic loss of data is caused by physical hard drive damage. Our team of professionals comprises skillful experts who have the necessary tools to face the problem and solve it. Of course, in many cases, the loss of data is not the result of a physical problem. Reformatting your computer, deleting or overwriting certain files and viruses are other common reasons. Our Recovery Data Service was specially designed to help our customers by means of the latest technologies and research. Our experts are permanently studying and researching so as to keep up to date with the most recent innovations in hard drive and computer technologies.

We highly recommend not trying to solve the problems yourself since that may cause permanent damages. Laptop hard drives are smaller than desktop drives: the mechanics are smaller versions of desktop mechanics. For this reason, a special equipment and professional help is needed. Our knowledge of the functioning of these hard drives allows us to fix any damage. We can perform data recovery from all manufacturers of desktops and laptops.

If you lost important digital images, audio, or video from your removable media, TFC.NET will retrieve all your lost data and recover it. We are specialist in acquisition, analyzing and recovering any digital artifact. We offer remote and on-site network support services that will help you get all your data back.

Generally the loss of these types of data is the result of deleted and inaccessible files, formatted and corrupted cards. Sometimes, it may be caused by a media failure. If you fail to have access to the data in your memory devices such as CompactFlash, IBM Microdrive, SmartMedia, MultiMediaCards, SD Cards, and Memory Stick, or if you have lost all the data in them, we will immediately solve the problem.

Our professionals are specialists in audio and video files Retrieval and Recovery from any removable media and camera cards. Our efficient quality of work and knowledge will allow you to set your mind at easy.

FireWire is a fast external bus which supports data transfer rates of up to 800 Mbps. Firewires are similar to USBs. These devices are generally used as data storage devices but they are also popular in industrial systems for machine vision and professional audio systems. A great number of computers intended for home or professional audio and video use have built-in firewire ports. Losing data from a USB/Firewire drive can ruin a whole work project.

Our team of profesisonals will help you to get all your important data by retrieving and recovering everything. Our method of work is the most efficient, and we guarantee you will be completely satisfied. If you are experiencing any problem related to data loss, do not try to fix the problem by yourself -you may cause a permanent data loss. Only professionals with knowledge of the latest technologies will be able to solve these problems. Our Engineers and Computer Network Integrators have the necessary tools to help you. We guarantee data recovery and media repair. Now you can stop worrying about intruders accessing your most private information. We will provide you with the security you need.

Many businesses have changed from a single hard drive solution to more rapid configurations. The redundant Array of Independent Disk or RAID has been increasingly used by many important corporations to improve quality of work. A Storage Area Network or SAN, designed to attach computer storage devices, is one of the most common solutions in enterprise storage. The Network-Attached Storage or NAS, a data storage technology which can be connected to a computer network directly, provides centralized data access and storage to heterogeneous network clients. We understand the importance of these configurations for your business and we know how disastrous data loss can be.

Common reasons for data loss are controller failure, viruses, physical damage, unbootable systems, corrupted storage system, human error, natural disaster, reformatted data, etc. At TFC.NET our experts in Data Recovery and Forensic Services will find the causes of data loss and the way to solve the problems. With our help, you will get back all your precious and confidential information. We recommend never trying to fix the problems on your own unless you know what you are doing –you may cause permanent loss. You will need professional assistance to retrieve and recover your data.

Exchange E-mails provide many benefits. The main benefit of this type of e-mail is that it resides on a server and not on your computer like other email programs. It also allows the storage of great amounts of private information like contacts, tasks, calendar, etc. Many businesses work with e-mails to get sensitive information from their clients –like credit card numbers. We are completely aware of the type of data that this service allows you to store, and for this reason we offer the best services in the case you exchange e-mail account has been corrupted. We will immediately keep your data secure, find who or what was interfering, and recover any data loss. TFC.NET will allow you to import your data back into your new exchange server. With our help you can stop worrying about intruders spying on your confidential information.